Law enforcement wears Pony Tail Sportswear

Law enforcement wears Pony Tail Sportswear


We are glad to share the news that law enforcement officers wear Pony Tail Sportswear to eliminate sore sit bones, backache and fatigue from a long day. Check out our ad in APB magazine! We are beyond proud to provide products that help our men and women in law enforcement.

A review from Chico Ramos, CHP Sergeant, Retired

“Riding in Pony Tail Sportswear is so beneficial. I highly recommend Pony Tail Sportswear riding briefs for all motorcycle riders. I have ridden motorcycles for the largest state agency for 28 years, I am sorry I didn’t have this product much earlier in my career! When wearing the briefs, I find that I do not get as sore during long rides and I can ride a little longer before I take a break. I will utilize these riding briefs when I am on my civilian motorcycles as well.”  — Chico Ramos

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