Reviews from Professional & Non Pro Riders – Pony Tail Sportswear

Reviews from Professional & Non Pro Riders

travis remple pony tail sportswear review

Travis Rempel. NCHA, NRCHA Professional Rider/Trainer

The first time I stepped into a pair I was thinking, 'Hey, these are alright'. Then I worked 25 horses in them and thought, 'These are better than alright, they're awesome'. I even noticed a difference wearing them on a long drive to a show. They are comfortable and durable and a must for anyone in the business.

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erin taormino pony tail sportswear nrcha

Erin Taormino. NRCHA Professional Rider/Trainer

This is a great product for long days of riding! I was skeptical at first thinking, how could they really work? I gave them a good 2 week test and now I wear them when I plan to work several down the fence. They are cute and they do the job to keep your sit bones from getting sore. Smart idea! 






clint allen ncha hall of fame rider

Clint Allen. NCHA Hall of Fame $4 Million Dollar Rider

“When I first tried Pony Tail Sportswear, my first thought was, 'Where have these been all my life?' I highly recommend them to anyone who spends long hours in the saddle. They're a must have!”

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grant setnicka ncha hall of fame rider

Grant Setnicka. NCHA Hall of Fame Rider

“I know that everyone’s initial thought when they see me endorsing underwear is ‘I will endorse anything!' Well, that’s not true. I only recommend products that we use every day on the ranch and Pony Tail Sportswear is no exception. Just try a pair – you won’t regret it.”

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 Travis Wigen NRHA Professional Rider/Trainer

Travis Wigen. NRHA Professional Rider/Trainer

“These really work! I had to get 14 head prepared every day at the show. At a 7 day show, that’s a lot of riding. This product keeps me from getting sore. They are comfortable and hold up well. I would endorse these.”

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nina lundgren ncha

Nina Lundgren. NCHA Professional Rider/Trainer

“Of course, they're cute and comfy! But, they are more. I wore them three long days while producing a cutting and showing in it. I had no pain or sore spots. Bottom line: No pain to sap energy helped me feel stronger at the end of the day!”

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 Joe Jones Pony Tail Sportswear review

Joe Jones, Jr.   NCHA, AQHA  Professional Rider/Trainer/AAAA Judge

NCHA 2013 Zane Schulte Award Recipient

"At a show, I could spend all day in the saddle. I have been riding cutting horses for over 45 years and this is the first product that has solved the problem. I don’t like to ride long days without them.”

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 Julie Williams

Julie Williams. USDF, USEA, USEF Equestrian, Non Professional Rider

"These are really cute and comfortable! Great idea!”

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Jay Winborn

Jay Winborn. NRCHA Executive Director, Western Rider, Polo Player

“I can honestly say these shorts really do work and they make a real difference in how you feel after being horseback. I keep a pair in my gym bag and wear them when I ride.”

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Jody Radomske NCHA, Non Professional rider

Jody Radomske. NCHA, Non Professional rider

“I love my Pony Tails! I went to a three day show and not a single raspberry! They work great and feel great. Don’t change a thing!”

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Jack Kitt

Jack Kitt. NCHA Professional Rider/Trainer/NCHA Director

“I was on a horse around 13 hours on Saturday and 10 hours on Sunday. What a difference with Pony Tail Sportswear! I didn't get sore or anything else. Thank you, it was great.”

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Raley Mae Zebrauskas. 3x NHSRA National Champion, NCHA World Champion

Raley Mae Zebrauskas. 3x NHSRA National Champion, NCHA World Champion

"I spent most of the day Sunday horseback turning back and watching lessons in my Pony Tails! These serve a purpose for sure!! I would definitely recommend them and am happy to endorse them!"

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