FAQs – Pony Tail Sportswear


Q: How is Pony Tail Sportswear different from regular underwear?  

We make sport underwear that protects your sit bones from impact and friction from athletic activity regardless of your sport.   


Q: How is Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear different from cycling shorts?

Traditional cycling shorts have thicker padding and only target specific pressure spots for bicycle seats. Material for cycling is often heavier and not intended to be worn under clothing.  


Q: Are they meant to be worn as underwear? 

Yes.  Wear them under your jeans, pants, breeches.  You will appreciate the fit when you sit in the saddle or on a hard surface. The slim profile cannot be seen thru your jeans or clothing of choice.  Wear what you want, your sit bones will be protected underneath! 


Q: Why do these cost more than regular underwear?  

Our product is designed to be worn when riding in the saddle, a bike or motorcycle, not as regular underwear.   
Quality is important as our product is designed and manufactured using premium materials and a unique heat bonding process to create the Advanced Impact Protection(AIP™). The bonding process and manufacturing are done in the USA and the fabric is made in Italy. No manufacturing is done outside the USA.   


Q: How do I determine the right size for me?

The right fit is very important!
1. Use your riding jean size as a guide and compare it with the size chart on our website.
2. Use your waist size/belt size and compare it with the size chart on our website.
If you are on the margin between sizes, choose the smaller size. The product should fit snugly, hug your body and not be loose fitting or baggy. 


Q: Will Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear work for any style of horseback riding?

Our first product addresses impact in the saddle experienced most often by western riders and/or riders that experience impact and soreness to their sit bones. Pony Tail Sportswear leads the industry with innovation and design.  


Q: Is Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear only for riders?

No. Pony Tail AIP™ underwear are excellent for many other activities. 


Q: What other activities does Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear work for?

Any activity that requires sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time and/or friction or impact to the sit bones.  People like our product for:
            • Sitting and watching sports on hard stadium bleachers
            • Sitting on a fishing boat, canoeing, kayaking
            • Seated in a duck blind
            • Bicycle riding
            • Long motorcycle rides

Q: Are these compression shorts?

No. We use a nylon/elastane blend of fabric which provides a soft feel and a forgiving 360 degree stretch to allow for athletic performance.


Q: Are these body slimming shorts or “shapewear”?



Q: Will my Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear shrink when washed?

If you follow the washing/care instructions, they will not shrink or pill. 


Q: If I try a pair on and I need a different size can I exchange them?

Yes. We want to make sure you have the proper fit and are happy with your purchase. Simply follow the guidelines for returns and re-orders on our policy page. 


Q: Why do you charge a restocking fee on non-exchange returns?

When processing the return of items that are not defective, we must charge a restocking fee. As an undergarment manufacturer, we do not resell returned sport underwear. We aim to be as fair as possible while keeping prices as low as possible to ensure top-quality product for all of our customers.


Q: Why can’t I put my Pony Tail Sportswear sport underwear in the dryer?

The AIP™ element is an open cell foam. To keep the integrity and sustainability of the product, we do not suggest putting them into the dryer.


Q: Are your products made in the USA? 

Proudly! The quality of our product line is extremely important. Once received from the factory, each pair is inspected and approved for sale prior to shipment. 


Q: How long do they last? 

Our test riders have demonstrated they last for at least one year/show season. Most people indicate they will buy 3 pair per show season.  


Q: What does “Sweetheart Approved” mean?

This product is intentionally designed to look good on!  Your significant other, aka your "sweetheart", will enjoy seeing them on you!  (We have tested this and it is approved!)