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Jody - NCHA  Non Pro Competitor 

“I love my Pony Tails!  I was one of the very first riders to try this product when the Company first started. I went to a three day show and not a single raspberry! They work great and feel great. Don’t change a thing!”


Raley Mae - 3x NHSRA National Champion, NCHA World Champion

"I spent most of the day Sunday horseback turning back and watching lessons in my Pony Tails! These serve a purpose for sure!! I would definitely recommend them and am happy to endorse them!"


Julie - USDF, USEA, USEF Equestrian, Non-Professional Rider

"These are really cute and comfortable! Great idea!”


Bobbe - 75 yers of age / Snow Boarder

"When I go snowboarding, I spend quite a bit of time riding the cold seats on chair lifts but by the last run of the day, I am the only one that gets off at the top with warm buns!"


George - CHP Motor Officer

"These shorts are great! I wear them while I am working all day on the bike and they are really comfortable. I am not sore or tired at the end of the day. The foam in the seat is so thin that you don’t know you have them on underneath your clothing. Not too short in the leg and they don’t ride up at all. I recommend these to anyone who spends a lot of time on a motorcycle."


Bob - NCHA Amateur Competitor 

"These shorts really work.  I have purchased several pair for each show season."


Laura - Mountain Trail Riding

"We did a week ride in Wyoming and my Pony Tail undies were a life saver! I tell all my friends how great this product is."


Amy - Endurance Rider

"I wore my Pony Tails on an endurance ride in Iceland.  They saved my sit bones from getting sore and my body was less tired at the end of each day."


Jim - Rancher

"I spend long days in the saddle on the ranch. These shorts work. I would be hurting without them."


Paula - Recreational Rider / NRHA Competitor

"I am a huge fan of Pony Tail Sportswear!  I have several pair and I love the pink!"


Cheryl - Riding Instructor

"I love this product. I do a lot of trail riding and I recommend your product to all my students."


Theresa - Rancher

"I bought my first pair at Art of the Cowgirl.  I wear them for long days horseback on the ranch."


Andrea - Riding Vacation

"We did a 7 day ride in France. These were a lifesaver! thank you!"


John - NCHA Competitor

"My wife buys me several pair before show season. I don't like to lope without them."


Sally - Bicycle Rider

"I love to wear these when I bike under capris or a skirt. They are so much cuter than bike shorts!!"


Barb - Dressage Rider

"I used to have a pad on my saddle to help my sit bones and skin from getting sore. My friends would tease me about my fluffy saddle pad. Not any more, I love my Pony Tail shorts. I don't use that fluffy pad anymore."


Stan - Western Rider

"I'm in my 70s and my body just gets beat up in the saddle. These shorts really make a difference."


Jane - Western Equitation

"I love that you make your product fit all sizes and not just the tiny riders."


Jules - Australia 

"I live in Australia and I love your product. I have purchased 3 pair and love them."


Beth - Fitness Enthusiast

"I wanted to let you know I use your product on the rowing machine! They work to keep my seat bones from getting sore. You should sell these to gyms!"


Jean - Kid Sports Mom

"I wear my Pony Tails when I have to sit on those cold, hard bleachers watching my daughter's sporting events. They keep my "seat" warm and comfortable."


Terrie - Competitive Trail Riding

"I do a lot of trail riding and competitive trail riding. These shorts really make a difference.  I have several pairs now.  Thank you!"



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