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March 2017: Prepurchase Exam, Equestrian Underwear   Read the article online 

"...The Pony Tail Sportswear underwear is for deep-seated equestrians (we are looking at you, dressage, eventing, and western riders) who need a little cushion. As any avid rider knows, yesterday’s stunning ride can leave your seat bones feeling like you have to stand for the next few days. The foam on the seat panel of these bottoms works to absorb some of that impact and save your backside from feeling bruised..."

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 "... Finally, sore sit bones and chafing is a thing of the past for riders. Pony Tail Sportswear has designed and developed a product that is the answer to the long-standing problems riders suffer from that not too many people talk about. Sore sit bones and chafing that Western-style riders experience from spending time in the saddle is such a common issue, but riders didn’t have a viable or reliable solution – until now..."
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February 2017: Read the article online
"... I love this product! I rode five days in a row, spending several hours in the saddle each day and never had an issue with sore sit bones, chaffed skin or raspberries. They stayed put, didn't bunch up or roll and after a few minutes, I forgot I was wearing them. I hand washed and hung them to dry every day and they seemed to hold up well. I definitely recommend anyone that spends long hours in the saddle to give them a try..."