Seattle start up is solving the problem of sore sit bones for people w – Pony Tail Sportswear

Seattle start up is solving the problem of sore sit bones for people who ride!

Pony Tail Sportswear is a start up company based in Seattle that designs, manufactures and markets sport underwear for people who ride. It’s a game changer for riders!

The concept and vision for Pony Tail Sportswear came from company founder and CEO, Kaydee Johnston, who has ridden and shown horses for more than 25 years and has a business background in venture capital, product development and brand building. Kaydee realized there was a huge market opportunity for a product that addressed sore sit bones while remaining functional and fashionable for men and women. She spent two years working with pattern designers and riders to get the product technology and innovation right before launching to the public. Surprisingly, the need for this product extends beyond equestrians. Customers are buying the product for motorcycle riding, long hours sitting on bleachers, long days of driving, sail boat racing and recreational bike riding.

Success in creative direction, brand imaging and graphic design comes from Pony Tail Sportswear team member and Creative Director, Rebecca Jones. Rebecca has crafted and articulated the brand image for Pony Tail Sportswear into a brand that has credibility and strength. "Our customers are proud to wear our product and support the brand." Rebecca brings fortune 500 branding experience from and non profit organizations to Pony Tail Sportswear. Together, Kaydee and Rebecca have enjoyed watching the success of the product and the brand grow in a very short period of time.    “It is super exciting to hear from customers who love their Pony Tail Sportswear!  It makes us so proud”  "All the work is rewarding when you know you are making people happy and solving a problem"


The company launched formally in May 2016 with product for sale directly from the company website and on Sales are increasing every month. "To date we have sold product in the US, Canada and Europe and have a 5 star customer satisfaction rating on  We have over 8 professional riders that wear and endorse our product and our customers continue to give us great feedback and support on FB and Instagram"  Product availability at large equestrian shows is also becoming a growing part of the company’s sales strategy as customer requests for product at horse shows continues to grow.   

Customer positive comments are a constant occurrence on the company’s Facebook page . “OMG, these are a life saver”  “Awesome product, thank you!”  “Amazing product! They really work!”  “Girls, you saved my A%@!”  

We are excited about our future! The possibilities are endless.

Pony Tail Sportswear products are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA. 


kaydee pony tail
Kaydee Johnston, Founder & CEO 
Kaydee is an entrepreneur at heart. She has a background in venture capital, product marketing and brand building. She was one of the founding investors of Ariat International and a VP of global marketing with Brunswick corporation. When not growing Pony Tail Sportswear, she can be found riding and competing with her cutting horse at NCHA events or cleaning the barn…





rebecca jones with strawberry
Rebecca Jones, Creative Director
Rebecca has a background in graphic design and marketing. Rebecca's experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies like to non profits such as Northwest Kidney Centers. When Rebecca isn't brainstorming on visuals for Pony Tail, she is usually at an art gallery, looking at cute animals or taking walks in nature.




Pony Tail sportswear is proudly made in the USA

pony tail made in the usa