About Pony Tail Sportswear

About Pony Tail Sportswear

Pony Tail Sportswear:
a Game Changer for Riders

Ride with a Technology Advantage



Using design and innovation, woman-owned start up Pony Tail Sportswear solves a long-standing problem for people who ride.

Pony Tail Sportswear is a game changer for the unsolved problem of sore sit bones, chafing, and raw skin that Western-style riders experience from spending time in the saddle. Until now, no product existed for riders that experience repetitive impact to their sit bones. Riders needed a product that is both functional and fashionable!

From inspiration to innovation, Pony Tail Sportswear was launched using design, technology and extensive rider testing to come up with a product that solves the sore sit bones problem.



Quick Hits

• Woman-owned and operated

• Seattle start-up company, based in SODO

• Launched May 2016

• Design, manufacture and market high-quality sport underwear for riders

• Solving the ignored problem of sore sit bones for people who ride

• Product is: low-profile, moisture wicking, no bunch

• Product is: attractive, and not bulky, and feels good on

• Using technology, quality materials and high-design in product offering

• Core customers: Western-style horseback riders, motorcyclists, recreational enthusiasts.

• Non-paid endorsements from top professional riders in various disciplines.

• Proudly made in the USA   

• Patent pending



What pro-riders have to say about wearing Pony Tail Sportswear

Pony Tail Sportswear has non paid product endorsements from top professional riders in various disciplines. Riders are wearing and loving the product already. See the reviews.

What customers say about wearing Pony Tail Sportswear

Customer story: before and after

“I just got off a 3 day ride and I sure could have used your underwear! I am going to buy a pair... ...Went on another ride and wore my Pony Tail undies. I really like them! I need to order a couple more.”

Dusty Whitford, 2 yr old trainer, Center Ranch, TX.

“Tried them out, I love them! I’ve got 12 two year olds a day plus my calf horse and they’re a life saver. I’ll be stocking up!”

Terri: a repeat customer

“I bought a pair on your website—they are great. I did an obstacle trail clinic last weekend, close to four hours in the saddle and I didn’t get sore! I just ordered another pair!”

See more customer reviews 

Pony Tail Sportswear Technology


The soft feel of silk with 360-degree stretch performance provides total comfort for the rider and prevents chafing. Fabric imported from Italy.


Anti-microbial fabric continuously draws moisture away from the body keeping skin dry and comfortable.


Silicone backed lace and exclusive Pony Tail Sportswear stitch design prevents sport underwear from riding up or bunching.


HyPUR-cel® polyurethane open cell foam (with a thickness of less than a stack of two quarters) is uniquely bonded to our Pony Tail Sportswear fabric protecting the sit bones against impact from riding. Engineered to be completely breathable and provide excellent resilience for repetitive use.