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The Pony Tail Sportswear Fit: What can you expect?

Because Pony Tail Sportswear is a game changer for riders, we made a short video talking about what to expect when wearing Pony Tail Sportswear. Bottom line (no pun intended): - They should fit like a glove. Our fabric has 360-degree stretch, and will feel snug, but not tight. - They should hug your sit bones for optimal protection - When the cuff or lace is placed, you won't experience riding up or bunching Happy Riding!

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"What size should I choose? :\ "

The most common question we receive is "How do I know what size to choose?" It's an important question! The right fit is key to receive the benefits of wearing Pony Tail Sportswear.  We made a short video as a guide and have some quick tips here: Men: Use your belt size Women: Use your riding jean size Both: If you are on the margin, go down a size! Pony Tail Sportswear should fit like a glove — too baggy or loose will not provide the full benefits of the product. Happy Riding!

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